We are dedicated to understanding your needs, wants, and wishes. We Listen.


  • We will discuss the Park City market-place realities: market sales, trends, discuss a pricing strategy, and target marketing to attract the right buyer for your property. 
  • We will recommend an appropriate position price for the sale of your property.
  • Our experience and knowledge will give you the leading-edge when entering the Park City market. We will help you put the most attractive face to sell your property with our staging professionals and potential repairs.
  • Target Market your property to buyers and other agents utilizing our global relationships and networking platforms available to us.
  • When selling your home there will be associated costs e.g. inspection/repairs items, title fees, and others you will be responsible for. We understand these costs. We will walk you through this detail so you will know the total cost you will incur when you sell your home. 
  •  Selling over 1000+ homes has afforded us the experience required to guide you through a complicated process of the offer.  We work for you.
  • Negotiate the best price and terms possible, always keeping your specific needs in mind.


  • We have a duty to "deal" honestly and in good faith at all time.
  • We listen.  We will adhere to your instructions.
  • We have urgency and will return all calls and emails in a timely manner.


  • We promise to safeguard your personal information strictly confidential.


  • Place your interests above all others.


  • Ensure that all parties to the transaction are fully informed about any material facts that may affect the transaction.