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Sell Your Home With The Color Blue

We all know how important first impressions are when selling your home. The color blue happens to be a favorite color among s several countries and people around the world. Coldwell Banker chooses blue as it's official brand color. 

The color blue has significant meaning symbolizing loyalty, strength, wisdom and, trust. The word TRUST stands out in my mind. That's a great word to describe a real estate company and it's representing parties when buying or selling a property.

Core Values

  • Integrity.
  • Leadership.
  • Professionalism.
  • Vision.
  • Performance.


Trust is a fiduciary relationship. There is a very clear and concise explanation found in the Code of Ethics and

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What Does It Mean To Rightsize For Your Lifestyle?

The Park City area is greatly impacted by people trying to decide where they will reside full-time and part-time, a primary and secondary home. Our area has a home buying trend happening in 2018 that will affect which homes and neighborhoods will sell the fastest.

As inventory starts to rebound this year, boomers are opting for smaller single-family homes and young buyers are taking full advantage of today’s technology. "The Freedom of working from home". we have seen an influx of buyers looking for a certain lifestyle. The Great Outdoors. Simple. A place to focus healthy living and wellness.

Boomers want to live on one level...

The average selling price for a home in Park City has

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The Advantages of Using Local Park City Lenders

  • Local lending guidelines often differ from out-of-state guidelines in favor of the buyer.
  • Local lenders can save you money.
  • Park City lenders are smaller operations run by Park City business people who can offer a more personalized experience for the buyer. 

Pre-Approval: Getting a Jump on Getting Approved

The best case scenario for a buyer is getting pre-approved for a loan by a good mortgage lender before you actually begin to look for a home.

Traditionally, lenders run a credit check on you, thereby obtaining some financial information about you. Being qualified for a loan while you are in the process of house shopping can actually slow things down. Loan figures are essentially

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Autumn is here and there are lots of cool things happening here in the Park City area. Fall is my favorite time of the year. Today I decided to go on my annual drive-through Guardsman Pass, a place to enjoy the mountainside with leaves dripping of intense colors, with various shades of red, yellow, purple, black, orange, pink, magenta, blue and brown. Okay, stop. I'll write another blog about Fall in Park City.  Coming out of the Canyon I drove past this cute shop called, All That Stuff In A Barn, that is local, fun, and seasonal? 

From the minute you walk up to this store, you know what you are in for. Junk! But awesome Fun Junk! As I was entering the store I overheard a young lady who was making her final purchase at the counter comment,

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Park City Builders Are Finding Attached Homes As A Way To Keep Homes Affordable

Finding a plot of land to build on in Park City has become a real challenge as there is very little to choose from. Developers are filling the demand for homebuyers by building attached homes or stacked condos.   Now, a growing number of families and investors are able to afford their dream home in Park City, Utah.

With home prices rising in Park City, the dream of a single-family home is becoming difficult for many people.  When analyzing the Park City limits housing stats for the third quarter in 2017, the median price of a single-family home increased 20 percent over this same time as last year to $1.9m. Not very affordable for many families. 

The Canyons

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New Project Development: Get Away Cave Garages In Park City, Utah

Call it "Man Cave or Woman Cave" a non-descript commercial development catering to the unique entrepreneur needing a place away from home. This development called "Synergy Commons" located near the Park City Gun club off of Highway 40 is the ultimate setting with so many options. The architecture is modern contemporary with clean lines and window walls.

Synergy Commons Tag Line: "Modern Spaces for Todays Innovators"

A flexible Grey Shell that can be designed to fill your space with a collection of cars, store boats, motorcycles, snow mobiles, an art studio with loft. Need a space for a small business? This is a great solution if you do not need store front visibility. You can even

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Silver Springs - Park City, Utah

Located off of Highway 224 and Silver Springs Road near the Blue Roof. Silver Springs is a quaint little neighborhood with lake front access, including children's playground,  basketball court, walking paths, biking paths, paddle boarding, small non-motorized boating, and fishing. Northshore and Southshore are really nice, safe, clean, with neighborly residents, and animal-friendly places to live.

Easy Commute

Just a quick 10- minute jaunt to The Canyons, Park City Mountain Resort, or Deer Valley, and only a short 30-minute commute to the Salt Lake City airport or downtown area. This neighborhood has two private lakes for the residents use.  

Featured Southshore - Silver Springs Home For Sale


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The Benefits of Downsizing and How to Get Help Doing It

 Call Reclaimed Interior Estates and Sales, Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah     Changing something means doing it differently. Of course, there are pros and cons to many decisions in life. But, for most people the concept of change is difficult, especially when it involves your basic lifestyle, and where and how you live.

In today’s economy, downsizing isn’t a dirty word, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you’ve failed, in any way, as a proud homeowner. Actually, the decision to downsize is smart! Just as homes get older, we mature, too!

 Additionally, the upkeep and expenses attached to maintaining something that’s becoming bigger and more burdensome to you can, eventually, cause more

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Park City's Iconic Landmark "McPolin Farm"


Get Your FREE McPolin Barn Walking Tour App

From Your Mobile device visit, Google Play or App Store to explore "The History of the McPolin Farm"

The self-guided tour contains maps, photos, descriptions of history and architecture found throughout this beautiful community. 

To download this free app simply search for 'Utah Heritage Walks'

  Utah Heritage Self Guided Tours

In 1990, Park City purchased the McPolin farm for $4.4 million to preserve the historic site and provide a beautiful open space to enhance the entrance into the Park City area.  The McPolin Farm is an iconic site and serves as a visual focal point off State Route (SR) 224 at the base of Quarry Mountain on the northeast

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Silver Springs Neighborhood June 2017 Real Estate Market Report

If you have moved a few times then, you understand the difficulty in finding a great neighborhood. It is so important to evaluate the best aspects of any neighborhood so that you feel a connection. 

Ask any Park City resident the following question "What neighborhood in Park City is a great place to live?" They will most likely respond with an enthusiast answer like "Silver Springs."


The first step is to find a neighborhood that compliments your lifestyle. Silver Springs is a suburban neighborhood that attracts all types of people from singles, to growing families, to empty nesters. An affordable neighborhood geared toward full-time residents seeking an active

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