April 2017

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Park City, Utah

Park City Real Estate Market Report

A Market Analysis of real estate activity in the Park City area

Park City Multiple Listing Trends Statistics

Park City MLS Trend graph with a year by year analysis from 1999 through 2017. The average closed sales price for a single-family home in 2016 was $1,120,038 up from that same time last year at $1.063,714. The median closed sales price was $670,000 as compared to $675,000 in 2015.

Park City Single Family Median Price

Park City Single Family Average



Park City Single Family Number of Units Sold

The average closed price of condominiums in 2016 was $709,891 as compared to 2015 at $625,495. The median closed sales price was $492,500 as compared to 2015

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Savor the Summit 2017

If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing Savor the Summit, it is one of Park City's most fun events. Imagine one big long outdoor dinner table that runs through the historic downtown streets of Park City. Picture that table filled with outstanding selections of food and wine from local restaurants. Visualize that table surrounded by friends and neighbors from Park City and around the country, all sharing in the food and fun of a Park City dinner party!



The Park City Restaurant Association puts on the event, but the whole community takes part. In 2017 it will be held on June 18th (Saturday) at 6pm. Come join us for the fun.

How do I register for Savor the Summit 2017? 

Basically the best way is to

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April 11.2017

Coldwell Banker Launches New Global Website 

Coldwell Banker Previews International® has revitalized the antiquated luxury brand...which is about time!

I love change!

Just released today is a new look and logo called Coldwell Banker Global LuxurySM program. Now more than ever, the world of buying and selling has become more competitive and interconnected.  This an important step for Coldwell Banker to take in order to remain a real estate leader. 

Global Luxury Brand

Today a new global website was launched with enhancements to offer international exposure connecting 750,000 luxury agents across multiple international brands.  Coldwell Banker has a global presence in over 49 countries and

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People move to Park City for many reasons. They love the friendly atmosphere. They love the scenery and year round activities. They love the mountains. But sooner or later most people here, want to give snowboarding or skiing a try. And to do that right means instruction. 

Sow what should you look for in selecting ski instruction in Park City? Well fortunately, it is pretty easy. The first step is deciding whether you are going to choose lessons for a full day or just half of a day. (We recommend that you start out with half a day if it is your first time).

Next up is whether you want group or private instruction. Group instruction is more affortdable, but private instruction offers one on one guidance on the mountain. Much like any other athletic

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Park City, Utah

Coldwell Banker Newpark Office in Park City, Utah supports the Adopt-a-Pet.com program to help 20,000 adoptable dogs find a loving home this year. Coldwell Banker not only assists buyers and sellers with finding a home, we help furry four-legged friends find a home.  Have you seen the new commercial that Coldwell Banker has launched? Called "Somebody To Love".

There is nothing more satisfying than coming home to "Somebody to Love" 

In 2016, Coldwell Banker had over 88,000 real estate agents volunteer with the help of 15,000 shelters and rescue groups working together to make this all happen.  Let's do it again during the Homes for Dogs National Pet Adoption Weekend.

The Adopt-a-Pet.com program has the largest non-profit

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