February 2016

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Let's find out some the events we can do this weekend to celebrate one of the most beautiful spots on earth - Park City, Utah!


Official U.S. Olympic Training site for Olympic Athletes is open to the public all year round to visitors. Challenging winter activities for all ages. This week visitors can enjoy watching the IBSF Bobsled & Skelton North America's Cup schedule for 2 man and 4 man Men/Women's Bobsled race and Men's and Women's Skelton Race.

WHEN: February 25, 2016 - March 5, 2016 WHERE: Olympic Park HOURS: See Schedule ADMISSION: Free Admission for Spectators MORE INFO: http://utaholympiclegacy.org

THE DRIFTERS A Rock N Rol Hall Of Fame R & B Band with featured hits such as "Up

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a stack of coins gradually increasing in heightThere are many benefits to owning a home: A home is an investment that can earn equity, is often cheaper to buy than to rent, and is your own place that you can fill with wonderful memories.

But another great benefit about owning a home is the financial benefits that you can take advantage of during tax season.

Major Tax Breaks for Homeowners

Owning a home, and eventually selling it, can offer you opportunities for deductions on your taxes, and we wanted to outline the major tax breaks for homeowners today. Are you taking advantage of these tax benefits?

Deduction for Mortgage Interest

In many cases, you can fully deduct the amount of your mortgage interest on your taxes. The IRS has a chart you can use to help determine if your mortgage

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If you are hosting a big party to celebrate Super Bowl 50, you probably want it to be an event that you and your guests remember for years to come.

But Super Bowl parties can be messy: Crumbs and dirt from your guests’ shoes can embed themselves in your carpet, drinking glasses and plates can pile up, and the late-night messes can leave you feeling frustrated. But not to worry, we have a few Super Bowl party ideas that can help you minimize the mess.

Game-Changing Super Bowl Preparations

Before you place the perfect decorations and put the snacks out on the table, prepare for game night with these helpful tips.

1. Buy Disposable Table Covers

Protect your coffee table from scuffs and crumbs by covering it with a disposable cover, whether

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