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Park City Modern Interior Wine Wall... Wine Bottles wall

Instead of offering your guests a glass of wine, take them to your wine wall; a custom-built, ridiculously creative design focal point for your new home, and let them choose their favorite variety! If you’ve got a space to fill, but want to provide a nice transition into a kitchen/dining room/great room environment, be creative and display things you like just for fun! Music lovers may decide to fill space with a highly-polished baby grand piano; cooks may hang decorative pots and pans; die-hard sports fans may claim the space for collectors items. "But, this one-of-a-kind wine wall is to die-for and you can personalize it to make it as unique as your own interests and lifestyle. Not only is this wine wall

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Yet again, Summit County has received a fantastic endorsement from Bloomberg!  Why Summit County? This is a rugged mountain area with one of the highest mountain peaks in Utah.

The 30 minute commute is a breeze from the Salt Lake International Airport to Park City, Utah. The county roads  are top priority for the winter commute into Park City by keeping the roads clear and safe for travelers.  Why is the snow powdery? Park City has low humidity and the water vapor from the Great Salt Lake causes a dry powdery snow. Skiers, snowboarders, adventurers love the texture of the snow which is why Salt Lake City is known for “The Greatest Snow On Earth”.

Salt Lake City is know for the high concentration of ski areas Park City, The Canyons, Park City

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orange leaves in the fallSeptember is quickly approaching! That means it’s time to bring out the jackets, long-sleeve shirts, and denim jeans.

But what are you doing to bring your home into fall?

Here are a few easy decorating ideas you can do to welcome the cooler temperatures and beautiful colors into your home.

DIY Home Decorating Tips for Fall

You don’t have to paint your walls or buy new furniture to get your home ready for fall.

Instead, you can use some simple seasonal tricks to welcome autumn leaves and pumpkin spices into your home, and impress your visitors in the process.

1. Bring Out the Cinnamon- and Pumpkin-Scented Candles

The smell of those warm spices gently wafting throughout your home is enough to energize you for the season.

Light a few

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Investing In Real Estate: AchieveYour Real Estate Goals

RS926_iStock_000010136948SmallWith mortgage rates so low, many investors choose to invest in real estate, as opposed to the stock market. In addition, real estate is a prime investment for novice investors, as it is more tangible and understandable than stocks and the index. According to Bankrate’s annual investment research, 27% of Americans with money to invest would choose to invest in real estate over any other investment. Because real estate is becoming a popular commodity, especially among investors, here are three tips for investing in real estate:

3 Essential Elements to Real Estate Investment

1. Quantity over Quality = A Fair Cash-on-Cash Return

When investing, you are probably going to be using money from CD

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