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Utah State Construction Registry Benefits For Property Owners in Park City, UT

New Construction

If you are considering a construction project in Park City, Utah the state has just launched  a new website to help property owners and contractors stay informed about who is working on their project. The new website called, "The State Construction Registry" or acronym (SCR) has been designed to keep property owners informed of all the vendors that supply services, materials, and/or equipment that have entered into agreements to work on their construction project. The SCR website has a real benefit to property owners as they will name all parities involved and have filed a Preliminary notice to preserve their lien rights. The ultimate goal is to ensure that all

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Vacation and Park City are nearly synonymous with each other. With a plethora of summer and winter activities, Park City has always been a "go-to" destination for vacationers. World-class ski resorts, top-rated golf courses, and international festivals are only a few things that have made the city such a great place to spend your vacation. But beyond all the amenities you'll enjoy, there's a simplicity and peace you will experience. Families can spend the holidays together, creating endless memories (whether it be on the slopes or around the dinner table). Nature lovers won't be able to take their eyes off the breathtaking mountain views. And retirees can relax year-round, knowing all the things they've ever wanted to do rests at their feet.

Park City Vacation Home


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Park City July Real Estate Market Report Summer 2013 According to the Park City Real Estate Market report for July 2013 the average price for a single family home was $758,987 which showed a 18% increase over July 2012 from $642,602. When compared to condo sales, July 2013 average sales price was $514,116 which is up from July 2012 to $363,497, a significant increase of over 41%.

Let's take look at some of Park City's popular single family neighborhood statistics:

Park Meadows average sales price $1,696,750 Old Town average sales price $1,173,125 Silver Springs area average sales price $853,975 Jeremy Ranch area average sales price $727,500 Upper Deer Valley area average sales price $8,209,045 Lower Deer Valley area average sales price $1,950,000

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Interview with Parkite Bill Humbert About Employment Opportunities For Baby Boomers RecruiterGuy, Bill Humbert has a great interview with Park City TV  this week regarding the employment opportunities for baby boomers today!  According to Bill the Baby Boomers over 50 have never had to seek out a job. The boomers that were laid off and are now in the job market are used to having professional recruiters or head hunters seek them out. Not the case today. He has some great thoughts and there are some great questions answered in this episode with Park City TV. In summary here are Five of the Recommendations Bill makes during his interview to find a job: 1. He suggests getting rid of the " I need" mentality. 2. Right size your life. Look at your return on…
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Kathy Vallee Park CityWhen we think of Park City, we imagine the scenic mountain views and world-class slopes as our backdrop. But how many of us think about real estate? For me, one thing that has made Park City such an appealing city has been the homes. What would stunning views and local activities do for us if we didn't have an amazing home to live in? And from the amount of people who have decided to settle down in the area, it's apparent they agree. However, there comes a time when you need to move to another home. Whether it's a home upgrade or you're looking to relocate to a new city, it's important you have someone who understands that your house is more than a property. It's your home. Finding a real estate agent who will represent you in a manner that is befitting

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Top Three Activities for Children and Parents in Park City It's time to check out some of the Park City 2013 Fall family activities! In Park City fall brings on the excitement of a different set of family fun. Here are a few of my picks with creative activities for children and parents to further enjoy and enrich family learning. According to the National Endowment for the Arts research, chairman, Dana Gioia commented;  “A number of research studies over the past several decades have drawn a clear correlation between early exposure of children to the arts and increased long-term critical reasoning, communication, and social skills.” Park City Family Activities
  1. Utah Conservatory:  The Utah Conservacy offers a myriad of performing art instruction for all ages from world
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Park City, Utah is a beautiful ski resort town that many would think would always have a good real estate market. However, several years ago when the real estate industry took a major hit after the economy fell, even home owners in the most desirable neighborhoods in America had difficulties selling their homes.

Park City Home Values

Home Values Today

Within the past couple of years, the real estate market in Park City and other major cities have started to see major improvements. The selling price for many homes have gone up, allowing sellers to receive a reasonable amount for their homes that is much closer to the actual value than ever before. Recently, it was announced that mortgage rates were on the rise and would go up very soon. This has caused many buyers to

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Park City, Utah is a beautiful area that many would love to reside in. It is for this reason that if you are looking to sell your home in this area you have a great chance of receiving the price you want for your property (due to the desired area your property is in). But selling your home all depends on the first key steps you take in the process. To get started on the right foot, consider following these first steps in the home selling process:

Park City Homes for Sale

Find a Real Estate Agent

When seeking a real estate agent be sure to research quality agents in your area who have proven success with sales in or near the area you are selling your home. A good agent will work diligently to advertise your home as best as they can in order to get you the asking price

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As the heartbeat of Deer Valley, Park City is one of the most exciting cities in the west. Much smaller than cities with similar offerings, Park City offers year-round activities and excitement for its residents. It adds approximately $530,000,000 to the Utah economy every year. It was home to the 2002 Winter Olympics and still maintains the state-of-the-art training facility where many athletes train throughout the year. In 2008 it was voted as one of the most beautiful cities by Forbes Magazine. Its 8,000 residents have reason to raise their heads in pride.

Park City Canyons

Park City Activities

Regardless of the season, there is no shortage of activity, events and excitement in Park City. Residents can enjoy endless excursions on one of many mountain bike

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Park City Historic District - Old Town June 2013 Real Estate Update

The June 2013 real estate market update for Park City Historic District has just been released! The Park City Real Estate board multiple listing service stats reported the average sales price for a single family home in Old Town was $1, 573,321 and sold in an average of 102 days on market. The last reported sale in Old Town was on August 5, 2013 and was located at 1101 Norfolk Ave, Park City, Utah 84098. A very desirable sub-divison called Snyders Addition near the Park City Mountain Ski resort. This recently remodeled single family home was built in 1902 with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath with 1,123 square feet.  The home renovation was so well done that this home sold for over $529 a square

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